Thursday, March 19, 2020 - 23:42
3/30 Schedule

Please see image for this week's class schedule! Let us know if you would like to see any other times.

Virtual Zoom classes will be recorded (link to join is below), the recordings can be found on our YouTube Channel. 

We will also Live Stream some of our Outdoor classes in the Facebook Group for you to join in on or use later. 


Zoom link for Virtual Classes is

During Virtual classes, we can stream music (if so desired). We will either display a timer or time the workout for you and let you know how to score. The best thing to do is either click the link on a desk/laptop via a web browser or downloaded app. If you run on your phone, you'll want to download the app (better quality). Also best to have either a bluetooth speaker or earbuds connected so you can hear the coach and each other no matter how far you are from your computer or phone. ??

Check here for Updates or check the Facebook Group and/or SugarWOD for Announcements. For tracking scores, just toggle through the options in SugarWOD as detailed in this video (Outdoor, At-Home, Workout Of the Day).